We have more than 25,000 items on display, some of them part of impressive collections. Our collections include salt-and-pepper shakers, barbed wire, buttons, etc.

Genealogy Center

The LeSeur Genealogy Center is the perfect place for people researching their family history.

Museum Tours

Guided tours of the buildings and collections are available for individuals, small groups, and large groups.

Museum Events

We offer an annual History Days event, country school reunions, and a variety of year-round fundraising events.

Our Past

A group of interested citizens formed the Pawnee City Historical Society and Museum, and a plot of ground was purchased in east Pawnee City. On this plot, they planned to place the former home of Governor David Butler, the first schoolhouse in Pawnee City, a country schoolhouse, and other buildings from time to time. The museum was incorporated in 1968. The initial officers were Mrs. Clara Bradbury, President; Mrs. Zelma Porter Parli, Vice President; Mrs. Grace Brown McHugh, Secretary; and Cecil A. Davis, Treasurer. Other Directors included Mrs. Sadie Messman Busher, Mrs. Lucy Van Horne Sawyer, George Stitzel, Fred Howard, Albert Porr, and Henry Caswell.

Our Present

We have been raising funds through pancake feeds and french toast breakfast events as a free will donation to provide funds for necessary repair and maintenance to our buildings.

RJ Hickey


RJ has been a Board member since 2012. He is very knowledgeable, passionate, and involved in our community.

Vickie Wiers


Vickie has served on the board for many years and is the Deputy Assessor at the Pawnee County Assessor’s Office.

Jon Howard

Board Member

John joined the Historical Society Board in 2017. His grandfather was a founding member of the organization.

Carol Sisco


Carol joined the board in 2008 and has served as the Secretary since then. She’s a master of the Three R’s:  Readin’, Ritin’, and Reflection.

Roy Mullins

Board Member

Roy has been on the Pawnee City Historical Society Board since 2000. His grandmother Maude Smith was the first Board member.

Yvonne Dalluge

Board Member

Yvonne has been a Board member since 1993. She is retired but volunteers for many organizations in Pawnee County.

Kevin Hiskett

Board Member